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Tersa Alsobrook
Founder and CEO of Devine Destiny Enterprises, Tersa Alsobrook, has aspired to be an entrepreneur since
the early 90's.   Born in the little town of Teague, Texas to her Jamaican Father Charles D. Whyte and half
Choctow Mother Lovie, she was gifted from God with talents that would soon emerge.  After her two siblings, Tanya &  Megan, arrived, the family moved to Alexandria, VA which is where Tersa's dreams began.There is a long history of her talents in modeling, acting, coordinating events and reaching out to bless others.  Excelling in her studies of fashion merchandise in high school, Tersa started her journey to pursue a career in fashion retail and modeling.  She graduated from Barbizon School of Modeling at the age of 14 with little disappointment to find that she was too short for runway and limited to commercial print opportunities.  That did not keep her from her destiny as she landed modeling jobs in boutiques and department stores.Tersa ventured on her journey forming her own modeling troup - LeTe', Inc. in 1979, producing spectacular fashion shows for local boutiques in and around the Alexandria, DC and Baltimore areas.In 1981, a graduate of Mount Vernon High School, Tersa moved to Atlanta, GA to attend Clark Atlanta University bringing her NE famed LeTe', Inc. while attending college (aspiring to become an attorney), she continued producing shows and modeling in Atlanta's Bronner Brother Hair Show for Revlon through 1983.  She also took her coordinating skills to another level tapping into political campaigning for mayoral candidicies.  And stepped into the music industry working for WCLK-Clark Radio.  Tersa  also ventured into another journey as an A & R road secretary for Atlantic Records.  Traveling on the road with great artists such as Luther Vandross, Salt & Peppa, and blues singer Jesse James to name a few, she learned the ins and outs of artist managment, promotions and marketing, connecting with music industry leaders which led her to managing her own artists while producing events for the Atlanta Dogwood Festivals.  After some success on that musical road to her destiny, in 1985, Tersa's life changed with her first newborn, Adam Lee IV.Tersa perservered through many challenges through the years and in 1990 she was blessed into the corporate world as training coordinator for Boys & Girls Clubs of America in Training & Development.  After 5 wonderful years of gaining a wealth of knowledge in coordinating training events and executive meetings, Tersa flew into the airline industry in the marketing department and later sales and distribution.  From 2005 to 2009, she led Delta's Black Employee Network as President.  Once again, she was able to display her God-given talent in coordinating events such as career development workshops, Black History programs, Juneteenth celebrations and God's glorious International Gala where the President of the MLK, Jr. Memorial organizaiton spoke.Her negotiating abilities in sponsorship, with hotels, venues, vendors, corporate business leaders and government officials afforded her more opportunities to venture in producing events outside of Delta Air Lines and in the community.  In 2009, she was  one of 20 ambassadors in the planning and execution of Tavis Smiley's America I Am Exhibit.  Her second son, Dexter Alsobrook, Jr., who was battling cancer at the age of 13, was mesmerized by the history of our fore fathers in what they were destined to do.  In their lives they set the foundation to pursue our destiny today and what he is divinely destined to accomplish in his life as well.Through many years of trials and tribulations, the death of her sister Tanya and her Father, the cancer battle won with her son and an array of network marketing businesses from selling Amway, Aularale skincare & cosmetics, Excel and Stream Energy services, giving honor to God, Tersa finally has reached her journey in divine destiny and established Devine Destiny Enterprises, LLC.

Empower people through diversified services while actively engaged with creative successfull outcomes in the area of retail, development and marketing consultation and entrepreneurial education.  Build the finest conglomerate with divine purpose by undertaking transformational projects that have a positive impact on society and contribute to the community's economic development.

Our Vision

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